The purpose of Access 4 Springfield is to protect and increase freedom of expression, diversity of ideas, and community-wide communication through the medium of television.

The City of Springfield operates Public Access 4 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Public Access is a voice for the community and a valuable resource for members of the community to utilize to spread diverse ideas and connect with one another. Access 4 Springfield strives to be a reflection of Springfield, Illinois and encourages local residents to become involved and make their voices heard.

Access4 Springfield utilizes guidelines similar to those that had been in place under Comcast.

Producers are asked to please fill out the information form which will help us track programs and keep in contact with producers.  Click HERE for the PDF form.

Please mail form to:

Access 4, City of Springfield, 800 E. Monroe, Room 300, Springfield, IL 62701

Access 4 Springfield shall not exercise editorial control over program content, except that which is required by law with regard to obscenity and illegal activity. Access 4 Springfield reserves the right to schedule programs it deems inappropriate for children in a timeslot of its choosing. Users of community television channels and program producers are fully responsible for the content of all program material they produce and\or submit.  

Programs that air on Access 4 Springfield can be produced in any of several ways.

Producers can use their own equipment to shoot and edit their programs.  Or they can arrange to record their programs at any of the production facilities available in the Springfield area.  Some area contacts are listed below.

Movie slate graphic

Capitol Area Career Center
Deb Antoine
2201 Toronto Rd., Springfield, IL 62712   217.529.5431

Picture graphic

Crowdson & Company
Brian Crowdson
1999 Wabash Ave. Suite 102, Springfield, IL 62704    217.299.8801

Film graphic

Beatty Televisual
1287 W. Wabash Ave., Jerome, IL 62704    217.787.4747

Access 4 Producers AllianceAccess 4 Producers Alliance